Without Consent: Strategies for Identifying and Managing Risk in Cases of Forced Marriage. (A Forced Marriage Risk Assessment Framework)

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Contribution to project by Kamaljit Lehal (2016).



This risk assessment framework was written as part of the Enhancing Community Capacity to Respond to and Prevent Forced Marriage project, funded by the Department of Justice Canada. The framework is the result of findings from our literature review, online survey, focus groups, key informant interviews and feedback from pilots of the framework at MOSAIC and Burnaby Family Life. The project’s objective is to increase awareness of the issue of forced marriage in the community and enhance the capacity of service providers to support individuals impacted by forced marriage.


Intended audience

This framework is designed for use primarily by settlement and anti-violence workers. It can also be adapted for use by other social service and justice related agencies such as police, child protection and health practitioners who are dealing with clients who are already in, or at risk of, a forced marriage. We have attempted to be as inclusive as possible. We encourage other agencies to adapt portions of this framework to suit the needs of their sectors. While this document was written with a BC audience in mind, the underlying principles and practices can be applied in other jurisdictions.


This risk assessment framework is a guide to help service providers identify and respond to cases of forced marriage, including situations where someone is attempting to leave a forced marriage or where someone is at risk of a forced marriage. This framework is also meant to increase awareness about the dynamics and dangers associated with forced marriage.

View full risk assessment pdf here.