About Lehal Law Firm

Kamaljit K. Lehal founded Lehal Law in 1992. The firm has provided legal services to the local community and to clients from the U.S. and abroad for more than 30 years.

The firm started out providing general legal services but has over the years refined its services to allow for a more tailored legal practice. Lehal Law’s areas of practice are focused on Immigration and Mediation. These are areas that Lehal Law has extensive experience in and is very passionate about. Having a more niche practice allows Lehal Law to better serve its clients.

Many of the clients who come to Lehal Law have been referred by past clients which attests to the quality of work that Lehal Law prides itself in.

At Lehal Law you will experience a warm and inviting environment where your legal issues will be addressed in English, Punjabi, or Hindi.

Lehal Law and Pro Bono Work

Lehal Law believes that everyone should have access to the justice system to address their legal problems. The firm supports pro bono work both in promoting the availability of justice for all, and offering free legal advice through clinics set up by the the Access Pro Bono Society of BC. Lehal Law also participates in the annual Pro Bono Going Public event. In addition, Kamaljit Lehal is on the Legal Services Society Duty Counsel roster and represents clients being detained for immigration breaches.

Recently, as part of round table discussions, Kamaljit was successful in obtaining policy reform to expedite the processing of temporary stay applications (TRP applications) and permanent stay applications based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds for immigrant women fleeing violence. Her personal contribution to this process was the coding of all files with “FV” (Family Violence) to ensure that these flies are flagged for expedited process. Lehal Law is proud of this accomplishment and continues to advocate for the rights of vulnerable people in our community.

Kamaljit Lehal has also been actively involved with the Ending Violence Association of BC in advocating for changes in law and policies that have the effect of re-victimizing women. One such change being pursued is with respect to the government collection of “sponsorship debt” monies from abused women. This scenario arises when a women sponsors a spouse to Canada and signs an Undertaking to provide him with support and shelter for three years. If the woman sponsor is abused by her husband and she leaves the relationship and the husband collects welfare the woman is pursued for the welfare monies as a “sponsorship debt.” Women have chosen to remain in their abusive relationship for fear of incurring a sponsorship debt, which can be many thousands of dollars. Lehal Law has represented women, pro bono, against these sponsorship debt collections. Lehal Law maintains that all women and their children should be free of violence and that our society and government should support women in leaving an abusive relationships without re-victimizing them.

Lehal Law is committed to supporting access to justice.

About Lehal Law Firm and the Lehal Law Team

“I have been a client of Lehal Law since they have opened their doors in 1992. They have helped my family and I in many different legal matters over the years. I have referred colleagues of mine to them over the years and they only have good things to say about Lehal Law and their team. In any legal situation, I always turn to Lehal Law.”

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