• 19 May, 2020 
    Are You or Do You Know A Woman Without Residency Status Who Is Fleeing Violence?
    Women who are fleeing domestic violence are often navigating many systems, from family court, criminal justice, and the Ministry of Child & Family Developm...
  • 11 November, 2019 
    Equal Press Feature Friday Featuring Kamaljit Lehal
    Equal Press #FeatureFriday is a space to highlight individuals or organizations doing noteworthy work in the areas of media, violence prevention, or gender eq...
  • 4 November, 2019 
    The Best Immigration Lawyers in Delta
    Kamaljit Lehal has been handpicked as one of the Top 3 Best Immigration Lawyers in Delta, BC. by ThreeBestRated. Choosing the best immigration lawyers in Delta...
  • 27 May, 2014 
    IMPORTANT NEWS for anyone wanting to sponsor their parents or grandparents to Canada
    Citizenship and Immigration Canada receives an incredibly high volume of applications for Parent and Grandparent (PGP) Immigration. The government caps the numb...
  • 4 January, 2014 
    Parent and Grandparent (PGP) Immigration
    Effective January 2, 2014 families can once again sponsor their parents and grandparents for immigration to Canada. This category of the family sponsorship clas...
  • 15 November, 2013 
    Breaking the Silence: A Violence Against Women Prevention and Response Symposium
    Lehal Law will presenting at a Pre-Symposium Training Day on immigration issues arsing from family violence on November 27, 2013. The Pre-Symposium Training ...
  • 10 September, 2013 
    Lehal Law Obtains Stay of Removals
    Just last month Lehal Law was successful in obtaining a stay of removal from the Federal Court for a refugee client and his family facing imminent deportation.
  • 10 June, 2013 
    Pause Lifted on Federal Skilled Workers
    Earlier this year the pause on Federal Skilled Workers was lifted and a list of eligible occupations, comprising of 24 occupations was endorsed. There are some ...
  • 9 June, 2013 
    Lehal Law challenges constitutionality of immigration law
    Lehal Law is challenging the constitutionality of an immigration provision which prohibits failed refugee claimants from having a risk assessment conducted prio...
  • 8 June, 2013 
    Parent and Grandparent program to reopen
    CIC is to reopen its Parent and Grandparent (PGP) program for new applications on January 2, 2014. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/media/releases/2013/2...