Permanent Residence Status

"I have no way to thank or repay the years of service and support I received from these ladies. I am so grateful to be able to say that I am now a permanent resident of Canada all thanks to their hard work and dedication.”


Applying for Permanent Residence Status

People from all over the world wish to make Canada their home. This makes Canada one of the most diverse countries to live in. There are a number of categories available under which people may apply for permanent resident status.

  1. Family Class
  2. Economic Class
  3. Live-in Caregiver
  4. Refugee Claims
  5. Humanitarian and Compassionate

Lehal Law can assist in determining which category best fits your circumstances and can complete the necessary application for you.

1. Family Class

A Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada can sponsor their spouse, conjugal or common-law partner, dependent child (including adopted child) or other eligible relative to become a permanent resident under the Family Class.

There are detailed eligibility requirements for sponsors (person already in Canada as a Citizen or Permanent Resident), as well as eligibility requirements for Applicants (person wishing to come to Canada) that must be met and it is imperative that all those requirements are met.

Lehal Law has an excellent record of obtaining permanent resident status under the Family Class for their clients. Lehal Law can assist in determining both the Sponsor’s and the Applicant’s eligibility and in completing and submitting your application for you.

2. Economic Class

You can immigrate to Canada on the basis of your skills or employment through the Express Entry system, under one of more of the following categories:

Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is for individuals who have abilities that will transfer over and contribute to Canada’s economic growth. They are primarily assessed on:

  • Language (English and/or French) skills,
  • Education,
  • Work Experience, and
  • Other factors that have been shown to help them prosper in Canada.

Lehal Law can assist in assessing your eligibility under the Federal Skilled Worker category and prepare and submit your application.

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Federal Skilled Trades Program

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for individuals who wish to become permanent residents based on being qualified in a skilled trade. In addition to demonstrating at least two years of full time work experience in a skilled trade, within the five years before applying under this category, there are a number of other criteria that must be met.

Lehal Law can assist in assessing your eligibility under the Federal Skilled Trades Program and complete and submit the necessary application.

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Canada Experience Class

Temporary Foreign Workers or Foreign Students, may be able to transition from a temporary status to permanent residence status, if they have been living and working in Canada with a valid status, have obtained good English or French language skills, and specific skilled work experience that can be used in Canadian society.

Lehal Law can assess your eligibility and guide you through the transition and process of obtaining permanent resident status under the Canada Experience Class.

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Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Persons who immigrate to Canada under the PNP have the skills, education and work experience needed to make an immediate economic contribution to the province or territory that nominates them. They have been assessed as being able to, economically, establish themselves, successfully, as a permanent resident in Canada.

There are no fixed criteria of eligibility for provincial nominees as each province/territory sets their own criteria, and these criteria are constantly being updated/changed. Lehal Law will always provide the most up-to-date information and help you find the province/territory that will be able to best utilize your skills.

Lehal Law can assist you in determining eligibility under the PNP and guide you through the process.

3. Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP)

Qualified caregivers who can provide care for children, the elderly, or persons with disabilities, may be able to become a permanent resident through the LCP. Live-in caregivers must live in the private home where they work in Canada. Both the employer and the employee must follow several steps to meet the requirements of the LCP.

In order to become a live-in-caregiver there are numerous requirements that must be fulfilled to become eligible. Lehal Law can assist in determining your eligibility under the LCP, guiding you through the process, and completing the application.

4. Refugee Claims

Canada as a signatory to international human rights conventions and pursuant to its own provisions in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) is mandated to provide protection to refugee claimants. Refugee claimants are individuals who fear persecution or whose lives would, otherwise, be in danger. A refugee claim may be initiated from either inside or outside of Canada. Canadian citizens and permanent residents can also sponsor refugees, from abroad, who qualify to come to Canada.

Lehal Law has an excellent record of obtaining positive refugee decisions and can assist in all stages of a refugee claim including appeals and judicial reviews.

5. Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C)

Persons who are otherwise not able to apply for permanent residence to Canada may be able to apply on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds. This application is for persons in Canada who would suffer excessive hardship if they had to return to their home country. Decisions are made on a case by case basis and there are no set guidelines to follow. However, some factors that are considered are the degree to which the applicant is settled in Canada, family ties to Canada, the best interests of any children involved, and repercussions if the applicant is unable to enter or stay in Canada. Cost and inconvenience are not considered excessive hardships.

Lehal Law can assist in determining your eligibility to apply under H & C category and in completing the necessary application.