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Lehal Law provides mediation legal services to clients wanting to resolve their disputes without going through the formal court process. Kamaljit is a member of the Civil Roster of Mediate BC. Kamaljit completed mediation training through Harvard Law School.

Lehal Law firmly believes that most disputes can be resolved if parties have a chance to meet, talk and listen to one another. Mediation, often referred to as “alternate dispute resolution” provides an opportunity to have discussions in a neutral, informal and confidential setting. This type of setting is conducive to a more open dialogue between parties which in turn facilitates the parties in reaching a resolution of the matter.

Lehal Law has experience in conducting mediations and success in helping parties resolve their conflicts without the need to go to court. Contact Lehal Law for a free initial consultation.

Learn about our co-mediation services with Sainty Law.

Member of the Civil Roster of Mediate BC

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“We liked your bold approach, when required, and candid and constructive feedback to all parties. We feel that your skill set in mediation of this contentious nature was definitely required and integral to the final outcome.”

B.K. Rana Law

CLEBC’s 2015 Conference on Dispute Resolution — Share the Land

As part of CLEBC’s 2015 Conference on Dispute Resolution – Share the Land, faculty members, attendees, and other members of the dispute resolution community are encouraged to share their best tips with other practitioners.

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