Parent and Grandparent Program to Reopen

In November 2013 we wrote about Amarpreet Sivia, a young girl who was tragically killed in September 2013. Amarpreet’s family has been devastated by her death, their loss cannot be expressed in words. However, Amarpreet’s family is determined to ensure that her death was not in vain, by advocating for changes in the community. One of those changes is to help enact a Wrongful Death Act in BC, a law that will value everyone’s life. As it currently stands, the law in BC has, essentially, remained stagnant since 1847, it focuses on the primary income earner and only compensates for direct financial losses arising out of a wrongful death. The effect of such a law is that our children, the elderly and disabled are considered worthless.

Please go the link below for directing online messages to the Premier about enacting a Wrongful Death Act.

Also go to Lehal Law’s new Facebook page to find the link and more information about Amarpreet Sivia.